Time Structures works closely with the client from start to finish to design the timber frame home of the clients dreams.  Traditional North American, European, and Japanese design concepts are integrated smoothly into the surrounding landscape to enhance the beauty of the home in it's natural setting- either rural or urban.  We can also design distinctive renovations to existing homes, adding a unique design touch to a standing home.


Time Structures timber frame homes harken back to an age of quality and craftsmanship.  We build all our homes using only time-proven, handcrafted methods.  All building materials are hand-cut and hand-planed, thereby ensuring quality wood selection and structural integrity.  Traditional building techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery are employed to create unique homes that will stand for generations.

Time Structures has an 11year-history covering North America, Europe and Asia. It all started in Radium BC in 1990. The next few years were spent in the foothills around Calgary.  

A motivation to understand more resulted in five years of various projects throughout the United States. Different styles and techniques were practiced as skills were developed. Japanese techniques were learnt in California, early Dutch, English and French colonial Styles were learnt throughout the New England Northeast. Involvement in Restorations and relocations of historic barns in the Mid West. Working in conjunction with over 20 different companies and countless individuals, allowed for interesting challenges and quality projects. This has lead to a strong foundation of experience and built up great relations and reputation.  

Strong involvement with The Timberframers Guild has included building two medieval trebuchets one of which involved Nova television productions in Scotland England. A 150-ft Covered Bridge in Golden British Columbia was constructed just this last year where Time Structures lead the assembly crews.


Many workshops have been attended and taught at. We have worked with
fellow timberframe companies helping to teach them techniques and improve efficiency.  Through individual effort small village raisings have been done in Luang Namta, Laos and Sulawasi, Indonesia

Time Structures has enjoyed being involved early in projects.  Including actively harvesting wood and setting up small sawmilling operations on site. Hands on involvement throughout the process has included design, cabinetry, and finish work. We have also concentrated on strong relations allowing us to be involved long after the final stages of the house by returning and building furniture, decks and pagodas.